Mark Hamill Confirms His Preferred 'Star Wars' Viewing Order

Up until 1999, the viewing order of the Star Wars films was pretty obvious, as the journey of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo unfolded over three films. That all changed with the prequel films and has gotten even more complicated with the addition of sequels and spinoffs. Star Mark Hamill would think that the best way to watch the saga would be chronologically within the narrative's timeline, if he can remember the order.

"I always think … the way they were chronologically released," Hamill shared with Collider. "Now, I may be wrong, because if you're starting out fresh, you probably go: [Episodes] I, II, III, IV, V, VI … uh, Rogue One? It's hard, I mean, wait a second. Rogue One comes before IV! Yeah, so you go: I, II, III, Rogue One, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII … I'm guessing."

The two methods described, either watching them chronologically based on the real-world timeline or based on the orders in which the events unfold, seem to be the most common approaches to the saga. With the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans will have to modify their viewing schedules to make sure they watch it before Rogue One.

Only the most devout fans would also incorporate animated installments in the saga, having to figure out a way to watch the entirety of Star Wars: The Clone Wars between Episodes II and III and watching Star Wars Rebels after Solo but before Rogue One.

Hamill was kind enough to offer his insight on the matter, but we doubt he ever watches the films, given he lived them.

Viewings of the trilogy might have decreased for the actor over the years, while Hamill's excitement about playing the role has only increased.

"I had a beginning, a middle and an end with this thing, I didn't think that even if they went on and did new films that they'd ask us to come back," Hamill said of the original trilogy on Ireland's The Late Late Show. "It's so much more enjoyable now because you have a little perspective. When you're in your twenties, it was my first film, I was like 'they're all going to be like this!'"

The actor went on to single out what he likes most about the new trilogy.

"I think the most gratifying thing it the generational aspect," Hamill said. "The original fans have grown up, they're sharing them with their children and they're timeless in a way."

You can watch The Last Jedi in any order you'd like, as the film is available now on Digital HD and Blu-ray.


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