X-Wing Reveals Wave V and New Expansion At Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration didn't end with that first look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, though we don't blame you for needing a minute to deal with that fantastic looking trailer. If you're a tabletop gaming fan though there's plenty more to see, including a round of announcements and reveals from Fantasy Flight Games and their incredibly popular Star Wars miniatures combat game X-Wing. During Fantasy Flight's presentation, they teased not only their newest wave of ships but also anticipated re-releases and a sizable expansion that will expand the game in a number of ways, including how many players can play at once.

First let's get to the new ships, which are a part of the upcoming X-Wing Wave V assortment. The wave will feature a number of fan-favorite reprints, but will also feature two new ships to add to your fleet.

The first is the Nantex-Class Starfighter. This Separatist faction ship specializes in agility and is usually alongside many of its fellow Nantex-class ships to form an imposing swarm. The ship has a Pinpoint Tractor Array that allows it to shift itself or other ships on the battlefield to a chosen destination, which could be into the line of fire or into debris and obstacles for example. This expansion will feature six pilots, six upgrade cards, and two Quick Build cards, and you can check it out below.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

The second new ship is the BTL-B Y-Wing, which will be part of the Republic. The BTL-B Y-Wing excels at how much damage it can take, and is great for leading a charge or escorting a more fragile ship, though it does sacrifice some speed in the process. It's worth it though, and this expansion will come with the BTL-B Y-Wing miniature, eight ship cards, ten upgrade cards, and four Quick Build cards.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

The new wave will also feature a number of reprintings, which will include the Ghost (with a docking Phantom III), Punishing One, Inquisitor's TIE, and an M3-A Interceptor with a new paint design.

Fans will also be getting re-releases of three huge ships to use with X-Wing Second Edition. Fantasy Flight has retooled the Imperial Raider, Tantive IV, and the CR-90 Corvette with new movement tools, better bases, and streamlined rules. No word on when those will release, but we'll keep you posted.

Huge Ships
(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

The ships look great, but the biggest news was the new Epic Battles expansion. Epic Battles is a multiplayer expansion for X-Wing that introduces scenarios to the game and opens it up to accommodate 8 players simultaneously. Fantasy Flight has also added in wing tools to make it easier to keep ships in formation as you try and control your forces. You can check out the expansion

Epic Battles
(Photo: Fantasy Flight Games)

Star Wars X-Wing Wave V will hit stores in Quarter 3 of this year, while the Epic Battles expansion currently has no release date.


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