The Mandalorian Chapter 12 Easter Egg Recap Before New Episode

Class was in session last week and it's time to refresh our memories before Friday's new episode of The Mandalorian! The Mandalorian Chapter 12: The Seige expanded the series in major ways and might have gone ahead to reveal the main purpose of the show! The Carl Weathers-directed episode is an action-packed romp but slipped some really major teases of what the show is all about into its run time. In some ways, Chaptere 12 might have shown us all how The Mandalorian is going to be so important to larger Star Wars lore and the sequel trilogy, so spoilers follow as we dive in.

The episode starts with the Razor Crest drifting through the cosmos and our special boy is tasked with re-wiring some tech and it feels a lot like Rocket and Groot’s, don’t push this button moment in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Of course, The Child crosses some wires, but the ship is still able to get where it needs to go - which is Nevarro.

Meanwhile, the Armorer’s lair on Nevarro has had the Mythosaur crest removed from above its entry. The armorer isn’t here, so maybe she took it with her? Either way, some Aqualish aliens are trying to raid the place until Cara Dune shows up for the first time in Season 2. She’s a Marshal on Nevarro now, which is the same role Cobb Vanth is playing for Mos Pelgo. Honestly, I have no idea how he’s doing that without the Boba Fett armor, and where is Boba Fett after that cliffhanger 3 weeks ago? Anyway...

The Child goes to school and his teacher is a droid from the same line as C-3PO, and when his absolute jerk of a classmate won’t share his macarons, The Child uses the Force to swipe the whole pack. The Child is like when you bring your girlfriend to the drive thru and ask if she wants anything and she says no but ends up eating all of your fries but I actually think the Child being hungry all the time could end up being a part of the story rather than a running joke.

Mando does walk past a tribute to IG-11 in massive statue form, who you might remember as the droid who saved everyone in the Season 1 finale. Then, Mando is reunited with the Mythrol who he froze in carbonite in the first episode of the show and he’s still having a bit of trouble getting his vision back, a reference to when Han Solo was released from his carbonite entrapment and couldn’t see anything. It’s all connected!

Greef Karga reveals this week’s mission: a siege to take down an Imperial base that is still functioning despite the Empire falling. The squad rolls out, the infiltrate the base, lots of Stormtroopers die, and our Mythrol friend drains the coolant from the base so it’s overrun with liquid hot magma. All the best Star Wars fights happen in (or near) lava!

Ultimately, they find a message from Dr. Pershing which not only reveals to Mando for the first time that Moff Gideon survived the Tie Fighter crash from the end of Season 1 but also that The Child’s blood is being used for experiments which haven’t been working out so swell just yet, but Moff Gideon doesn’t seem to care, because he wants more Baby blood and is probably trying to create or recreate Force sensitive creatures -- which is where that weird blue-looking creature in the tube comes in. Could Moff Gideon be on his way to creating Snoke or even bringing Palpatine back, explaining how those characters came to be in the Star Wars sequel trilogy? Those details were totally brushed over and honestly, I’d rather they stay that way for the sake of The Mandalorian which has been way more consistent and overall better than the recent trilogy, but it’s an interesting thought about the possible purpose of the series.

Mando makes a super hero landing above the base and the one Stormtrooper with decent aim ends up taking a blaster and falling into a lava pit worthy of a few Austin Powers puns about a man getting... fired.

A speeder chase sees some Stormtroopers trying to hit the ole shake and bake on Greef Karga but what they don’t know is Carl Weathers is not only playing Grteef Karga but also directing these episodes, so this isn’t going to end well for them. What I'm saying is they're not going to be in Chapter 13.

The speeder chase turns into a Tie Fighter chase but Mando’s Razor Crest is fixed up and ready to go and that first Tie Fighter never had a chance and holy fucking shit after this 180 mid-air turnaround neither did the other one! Mando is like the space version of Dominic Toretto and Baby Yoda loves it, riding it out like he’s on a roller coaster until he spits up on himself. How long until Disney drops The Child covered in vom merch? Would you buy it?

Just like that, Mando is back on his journey to get The Child to the Jedi and we are one episode closer to seeing Ahsoka in live-action. You didn’t think they were gonna bring her in one episode after Bo-Katan said she was coming, did you? Ha, I’m sorry, come on, you knew they were gonna make you keep watching.

Greef Karga lies to Republic pilot Carso fn, the same guy who had a run in with Mando last week, and doesn’t tell him about any of the experiments he heard about. Ole Mythrol goes along with it, too, so Carson turns his attention to recruiting Cara Dune. She’s a bad-ass and would be a valuable soldier, and he makes a little but of a break through when she reveals she lost everyone on Alderaan, a planet destroyed by the Empire in A New Hope. Like, of course she lost people, why ask that? The Rebel badge he leaves behind for her might give her something to think about.


If you go back to the beginning of the ship, the little alien dude who is going to repair Mando’s ship gave a funky look back our good guys, and that’s because the little son of a bitch was working for Moff Gideon and has planted a tracker on Mando’s ship. Moff Gideon is getting an army of Dark Troopers ready, and this looks like the point where Season 2 is going to hit the gas and not look back. Bo-Katan is out there hunting Gideon, Gideon is hunting Mando, and Mando is looking for Ahsoka. It’s about to go down.

What Easter eggs and references did you catch in The Mandalorian Chapter 12? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!