The Mandalorian Star Katee Sackhoff Addresses If She Would Allow AI to Replicate Her Voice

As AI technology continues to evolve, its place in Hollywood could potentially become more common. The most recent example of it being used was in the Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi series. After performer James Earl Jones had retired from voicing the character of Darth Vader, the actor had given permission for his voice to be recreated using AI tools so that the fan-favorite could continue to sound like him. The conversation surrounding performers appearance and voice being used in this regard is a touchy subject, but not everyone is opposed to it, though it is something the requires a lot of thought.

Another Star Wars alum, The Mandalorian and Clone Wars star Katee Sackhoff, revealed to us that an AI version of her voice wouldn't be the worst idea, at least under certain conditions. Speaking with's Chris Killian for her appearance at Megacon Orlando, Sackhoff expressed interest in her voice being used to keep her character of Bo Katan alive (since she, like Jones, is the only person to have voice/played them). That said, the larger AI conversation is still one that needs to be thoroughly considered.

"I mean, if my family reaps the benefit of that? Yeah, of course," Sackhoff said. "I think we're into a really, really tricky place with AI. It's scary to me in some regard and others, you know, for a fandom to continue to have new content after someone is gone is pretty amazing. But I do believe that  the original artist should always be financially,, paid for their work and to sit there and say that they're not working anymore is, that's fine but you don't see people out there copying Picassos and being like, you know, it's fine. Someone's getting paid for that. There's a trust somewhere."

She continued, "It's a really slippery slope. I've done everything in my power to position myself in a place in my career. and I've turned a lot of things down because I wanted to make sure that I had control of the way that I was viewed  and the way that I was perceived and the image that I portrayed and the morals that I pulled with me throughout my career. If somebody is just out there copying you and your voice and they can have you do whatever they want, that's not ok. It's not ok. So, I don't know. I think it's a scary thing. I think it's a scary thing but at the same time I can't imagine that a deal like that would be struck without some really, really, really strict legal work done."

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