This Porg And Snoke Mashup Is Nightmare Fuel

Supreme Leader Snoke Porg is the stuff nightmares are made of for Star Wars fans.

Snoke, the mysterious leader of the First Order, has been combined with the adorable porgs introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi by an unknown artist. The horrifying photo, however, has earned praise on the Star Wars subreddit channel, earning more than 4,500 points at the time of publishing.

Check out the horrifying mash up of Supreme Leader Snoke and the porg below.

It’s a snorg! from StarWars

Looks like porgs may be as evil as that cat plotting to kill you, all this time. Perhaps Chewbacce shouldn't have deep fried one of those cute feathery guys in front of all of his friends, prompting the rise of the evil Snorg -- the Snoke Porg!


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