Why Daryl Is Going To Die On The Walking Dead

Less than a week from Negan's kill being revealed in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, everyone is tossing out their final theories and claims out about who the victim will be. From Aaron to Maggie to Negan's own man, everyone swears to have the answer.

Today, we're pointing the bat at Daryl.

Daryl has been a popular choice as Negan's victim since before Negan arrived on The Walking Dead TV series. The character has never existed in the comics so he's the one true wildcard of the series.

The most popular reasoning behind Daryl being killed off is that he has a new series on AMC called Ride with Norman Reedus. Many fans suspect this will create a scheduling conflict and was only greenlit because Reedus has plenty of free time following Daryl's death in the season six finale. However, the series has come and gone, having filmed during The Walking Dead's off-season and not interfering with Reedus' schedule.

There is more to the reasoning of Daryl being Negan's victim and it comes from a stroy standpoint - not Reedus' availability.

Another theory that has been gaining some steam in comment sections is one regarding the "point of view" style the episode concluded with. Throughout the finale, the camera showed a certain character's perspective as they were locked up in the back of the Saviors' van where Rick and the group would eventually be trapped.

The only candidates, in this case, are Glenn, Michonne, Daryl, and Rosita. Rosita's death would have very little impact on the show. Rick would have almost certainly interjected if Michonne were the victim and Glenn's death wouldn't surprise fans with knowledge of the comics. Daryl's death makes an impact on the story line and also shocks fans.

Of course, that is all information based solely on the sixth season.

The first clip from The Walking Dead's Season 7 not only featured blood spatter on the side of Rick's face which Daryl was knelt on but, more importantly, the blanket Daryl was wearing is front and center. Right next to a pile of someone's skull is Daryl's blanket. This fact alone makes Daryl a frontfunner candidate for meeting Lucille.

Not to mention, in that same clip, Negan refers to whomever he killed as Rick's "Right hand man." Glenn and Abraham could be considered for such a role but nobody will argue against Daryl serving as Rick's best man. Don't forget the Season 5 moment when he calls Daryl his brother. Has there been a moment like that between Rick and anyone else in his group?

Daryl, like all of the other characters in the line-up, was not featured in any new footage for the Season 7 trailer. In fact, the only confirmed survivor of Negan's hellish swing is Rick and based on the clip from New York Comic Con, he won't be getting off easy, either.

Prepare the riot gear because by these standards, the death must have been handed to Daryl Dixon.

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