The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero Shares Graphic Photos Of Abraham's Makeup

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead rest below!

You better have a strong stomach if you want to check out these latest photos from Greg Nicotero’s Instagram. The Walking Dead’s executive producer recently uploaded some NSFL photos of Abraham from the Season 7 premiere, and they definitely make your stomach churn.

The first picture is a simple headshot of Michael Cudlitz getting his makeup done for the premiere episode. Fans can see that the actor’s hair piece is pulled back by an array of clips, leaving viewers with an inside-look into Abraham’s cranium. The brutal gashes are the result of Lucille’s fury as Negan took his beloved bat to the character’s head last Sunday.

Surprisingly, Cudlitz looks rather calm despite his gory appearance. His relaxed face definitely clashes with Abraham’s lethal injuries, and the second picture only highlights how intensely Negan bludgeoned the fan-favorite character. The next image will surely make viewers a little nauseous as they can see Abraham’s skull bashed open. The dummy head for Cudlitz was created by the special effects team over at The Walking Dead.

If you can stand to look at the photo for more than a few seconds, then you will see Abraham’s brains splattered all over the floor. Tufts of hair also decorate the gravely ground after Negan split the character’s head into pieces.


Fans already knew The Walking Dead boasted some seriously talented makeup artists, but these photos from Nicotero are on a whole other level. The producer seems more than pleased with the team’s work since they made Cudlitz’s character look grisly.

Earlier this week, Nicotero shared photos of Steven Yeun wearing Glenn’s gruesome get-up. The beloved character was also killed in the Season 7 premiere, and his makeup routine involved lots of blood and a disgustingly bugged-out eyeball.

Fans were shocked and even horrified to see both Glenn and Abraham bite it last week when The Walking Dead returned after its hiatus. Cudlitz took time to speak with about the polarizing episode and said his character’s death was a sacrifice.

“I said this earlier. I do think that Abraham did definitely stand up and literally with a 'fuck you, take me.' That's him sacrificing himself for the group to protect Sasha, because he feels like that is what needs to be done. He would give his life to protect anyone in this group obviously. As anyone, if you have children, it's the same feeling. I think he feels that he had taken care of these people for a very long time and you are willing to sacrifice yourself for your children. It's not demeaning anyone else in any way, it's just saying the love he has for this group is the same as a parent to their kids, and he's literally willing to die for his brother. He has become a soldier in arms with all of these other people, and he is literally willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.”

Test make up applied by Garett with hair work being styled by Kerrin Jackson #knbefx @cudlitz

A photo posted by Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on

Pre-blood. Sorry Mikey! Dummy head sculpted and painted by Garrett Immel #knbefx @cudlitz

A photo posted by Greg Nicotero (@gnicotero) on

The second episode of Season 7, "The Kingdom," will air Sunday, October 30 at 9/8c on AMC.

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