The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4: Service

AMC will air a new episode of The Walking Dead tonight, the fourth of the show's seventh season, titled, "Service."

The official synopsis for Service reads, "Alexandria gets a sobering visit."

Negan will be heading to Rick Grimes' hometown to collect his stuff for the first time since he introduced himself by killing Abraham and Glenn. Half of Alexandria's things now belong to the menacing leader of the Saviors and he will march through the gates to decide what those things are.

Episode 7x04 is in some ways a culmination of the episodes prior, with the exception of the events taking place at Ezekiel's Kingdom with Carol and Morgan. Several references to previous episodes and seasons are made throughout Service, with fallen characters playing key roles in the themes of the episode. The torturing and breaking down of Daryl Dixon will also be a key component as the little Dixon brother makes his return to Alexandria for the first time since being taken hostage by Negan.

Several characters who have been absent throughout the season will also make their returns this week. Eric, Spencer, Tobin, Olivia, and Father Gabriel are all set to show up as Rick reveals to them he is no longer in charge - Negan is.

All of Alexandria will be feeling the effects of Abraham and Glenn's deaths, though Maggie and Sasha will not be present in the episode. The two have set out for the Hilltop in the aftermath of Negan's introduction and will be sidelined until next week's Season 7 Episode 5.


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