Chandler Riggs' Tweet Has 'The Walking Dead' Fans Thinking Carl Is Dead


A tweet from Chandler Riggs has fans of The Walking Dead looking and its wording and assuming the worst for his Carl Grimes character.

When the young actor drove past a billboard advertising The Walking Dead in Los Angeles, he took a moment to reflect on how fat he is come and express his gratitude. In the same thread, he wrote, "I don't know if I'll ever be as successful as I am right now, but I'm so glad I got this chance to help tell a story that actually impacts people."

Check out the tweet below.

Some fans are taking the tweet as an ominous tease that Riggs is parting ways with The Walking Dead and feeling a bit nostalgic about his time on the show. "You're not getting killed off are you?" one fans writes back tothe tweet. "I get nervous when the cast tweet stuff like this."

"You're saying that as if it's goodbye," another fans responded. "Please don't let that be a sign."

"I don't like the sound of that," another Twitter user said. "Makes me think Coral is gonna die this season."

Carl's death is a subject The Walking Dead producer David Alpert addressed in a recent interview with HuffingtonPost. "I think we've shown time and time again that everyone's on the table, and we're the type of show [where] we don't have a problem deviating from what the comic does," Alpert said. "We had people saying, 'Oh, if Daryl dies we riot.' No, it's like we hear you. We still get people petitioning us to bring Beth [Emily Kinney] back. There are so many people that love Emily that want her back. That being said, everybody's on the table and where the story demands we go, we're gonna follow."

Is the end near for Carl Grimes?

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