Watch The Talked About Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’ 8x03

Spoilers for The Walking Dead 8x03.

During a drive by attack on a Savior outpost in episode 8x02, Eric caught a bullet.

Boyfriend Aaron hurried Eric away from the fight, discovering an exit wound. After absolving Aaron of his guilt of pulling him into the fight, Eric tells him to go. "Get back to the fight," he says, the pair sharing an emotional maybe-goodbye. Once the fight against the Saviors has calmed, Aaron returns — only to find a bloody tree stump. Eric is off in the distance, deceased and reanimated, shambling away towards a herd of Walkers. He's gone.

You can watch Aaron and Eric's emotional goodbye in the clip above.

Though Eric's death on the show is different from how the character died in the comic books, the show's take on Eric's death carries even more weight: not only does Eric's death not occur in the heat of battle, he tragically succumbs to his wounds while left alone. And while Aaron wasn't forced to watch Eric die right in front of him, he was helpless to prevent Eric bleeding out and dying. Aaron was hurried away by Scott as he watched a newly-reanimated Eric walk towards a horde of the undead, denying him the chance to lay Eric to rest.

Next Sunday's episode, "Some Guy," will continue Rick's siege on the multiple Savior outposts and Carol could be the next hero to die.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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