'The Walking Dead': Why Gabriel Covered For Eugene

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead ended on a surprising note as one Alexandrian took up for another in a potentially threatening situation.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 8x11 follow!

After being captured and returned to the Sanctuary, Gabriel had the opportunity to tell Negan the truth about Eugene. The former Alexandrian provided Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson with the keys to a their escape car and just so happened to leave the Sanctuary door unlocked on his way out. Still, Gabriel claimed the escape was credit of the now-dead Carson, rather than outing Eugene and likely getting him killed.

Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam opened up about the lie while speaking to ComicBook.com on After the Dead. "I think Father Gabriel has faith that Eugene can be turned, that Eugene can be reached, that Eugene is still, in some way, part of Rick's group," Gilliam said. "I think that Father Gabriel truly does believe in Eugene."

Gabriel better hope there is a piece of the old Eugene begging to come out. Otherwise, his time spent with the Saviors and in the apocalypse might be running out. "It's been pretty cool, it's been pretty cool to be in different worlds while still being in the same world of Walking Dead. You know?" Gilliam said of regularly working with different cast members this season. "To being on different sets and working with different actors. I love working with Josh and with Jeffrey, so I was excited to be able to have the opportunity to do that."


Despite never having much of a relationship with Doctor Carson in the past, Gabriel took the character's death particular harshly. "I think in the moment, he thought that they were, that it had all come together for them," Gilliam said. "It had all come together for them, they found the antibiotic, they had the ride, they had, everything had come together for them, and even though they had been captured again, that there'd be a way to work it out. You know, he was able to talk it out before. He's taken great actions in this particular episode, but to get there, he had to talk to somebody to do so, he had to get through to Eugene. So I think Father Gabriel feels as long as he's got an opportunity to talk to people, he can reach them. And Dr. Carson saw it differently."

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