Who Dies in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Finale?

The Walking Dead is set to air its Season Nine finale on Sunday night. Long time fans of the show know that finale and premiere episodes of the AMC zombie drama typically come with shocking moments. Major character deaths have long been reserved for such episodes. On the heels of Episode 9x15 putting 10 characters' heads on pikes, is there anyone left for The Walking Dead to spare in the Season Nine finale?

The Walking Dead Episode 9x10 is titled, "The Storm." The official synopsis for The Storm reads, "In the aftermath of an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard. As one group deals with an enemy from within, another is forced to make a life or death decision." The finale episode is directed by Greg Nicotero on a script from Matthew Negrete and showrunner Angela Kang.

Let's take a look at who is in danger and who is safe in The Walking Dead Season Nine finale...

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Michonne- Safe. Coming off of the major losses, Michonne won't face any danger other than braving the snow storm. She will remain a leader and carry the survivors on her back.

Negan- Safe. Negan is out of his jail cell in the Season Nine finale as he braves the storm with other characters. With his redemption arc on the way, Negan isn't going to face any crazy threats.

Carol- Safe. Right now, Carol's biggest threat might be herself. She is at a crossroads having suffered yet another tragic loss as the Whisperers killed Henry.

Daryl- Safe. Daryl's leadership role continues to grow as he accepts more people in his life, such as Lydia. As the Hilltop is now without a leader, might they turn to him for instruction?

Alpha- Safe. Alpha is in the ultimate position of power. Her loyal horde of Whisperers and walkers will protect her at any cost and she is ready to infiltrate the fair by any means necessary.

Siddiq- Safe. The One Doctor Rule is no longer a threat to Siddiq after the apocalypse claimed Enid. He will continue to play a role in the series and in Rosita and her unborn baby's life.

Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel survived the pike sequence as he did in the comics, meaning he is safe for now. However, his death from Robert Kirkman's comics is getting closer, and it will be a brutal one if it is realized when launching the actual Whisperer War.

Ezekiel- Safe. Ezekiel survived his iconic death from The Walking Dead comics. There must be a reason for this.

Jerry- Safe. Jerry showed all of the signs of a character set to die in the pike sequence: he has a kid, he's been talking a good bit recently, and he's happy. However, he survived, and he will continue to do so.

Rosita- Safe. Like Ezekiel, Rosita survived her iconic comic book death for the TV show's narrative. While carrying a child will be difficult during a time of war in the Alexandria area, others have done it, and Rosita is a soldier.

Eugene- Safe. Eugene is a valuable asset to the communities of Alexandria, Kingdom, and Hilltop. His unique skill sets and problem solving abilities make him indispensable as the show looks to expand the universe and likely connect these groups with others via the radio he will continue to work on.

Aaron- Safe. Aaron has been quiet throughout Season Nine, especially since Rick Grimes left the series. He will migrate to another community, like the rest of the group, and not face any threats.

Alden- Danger. Alden's role has grown. In the wake of Enid's death, he might be a wild card, blaming the Whisperers or Lydia for it. As the communities try to act responsibly, the biggest threats from within might be from those who were directly effected by the piking.

Luke- Safe. Luke seemed like a sure thing for the pike treatment but, having survived, he faces no immediate danger.

Connie- Safe. Connie and Daryl are going to continue to develop their relationship. If she were to be killed, Daryl would certainly be triggered after the amount of time they've spent together lately, and this show needs him to keep a level head. Connie is capable and smart. She will be okay.

Kelly- Safe. Like the rest of the characters in the aftermath of the shocking pike sequence, Kelly won't face any immediate threats on Sunday night.


Lydia- Danger. Lydia is a bit of a wild card at this point, considering her comic book story is in disarray now that both Carl and Henry are dead. She won't be defined by a relationship but she have to play a key role in the Whisperer War, somehow.

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