Fear Stars Say Dwight and Morgan’s Return to The Walking Dead Is “Possible”

Could Fear the Walking Dead new additions Morgan (Lennie James) and Dwight (Austin Amelio) ever return to The Walking Dead? The stars, who joined in seasons 4 and 5 of the spinoff, respectively, say “anything is possible.”

“People ask that, anything could happen in this world,” Amelio told IGN.

Added James, “I never would have thought that this would have happened, that we would have ended up on Fear. So if that can happen, anything can happen.”

For Walking Dead veteran James, whose Morgan is among just a handful of surviving characters to have appeared in the flagship series’ freshman season, boarding the spinoff meant more room to examine the character outside the crowded Alexandria camp.

“I think they’re growing. There’s a little bit more time to explore character on Fear at the moment than there is on Walking, because there’s such a large cast,” James said.

“It’s such a large cast that me and Austin got to work together for two years and become friends without actually shooting a scene on Walking Dead, and we had to come over to Fear to have our first scene together. So I think there’s a little bit more time to explore and their journey, in a weird way, is only just starting.”

Following James to Fear also meant a new direction for Amelio’s ex-Savior in the wake of his banishment from Virginia, a show of mercy handed down by rival Daryl (Norman Reedus).

“It’s interesting, I actually got to smile on this show,” Amelio said.

“On the other show, Dwight was in such a dark spot the whole entire time — and he still is on this — but there have been sort of light moments, which is fun, and I’ve gotten to take his journey a little deeper which has been really exciting.”

When asked about future crossovers between TWD and Fear in April, co-showrunner Ian Goldberg said such decisions lie with chief content officer Scott Gimple.


“I think we can say it’s a universe that’s constantly expanding and intersecting with each other, so anything’s possible,” Goldberg said. “We’ve seen crossovers happen and they’ve been really exciting, so I’d say to expect more.”

Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 resumes with its mid-season premiere Sunday, August 11 on AMC. The cabler announced at San Diego Comic-Con the spinoff was renewed for its sixth season.