The Walking Dead: Hilltop Escapes Fiery Whisperer War in Opening Minutes

The Walking Dead left viewers with shocking cliffhanger in Episode 10x11's battle between the survivors at the Hilltop and Alpha's gang of Whisperers. Beta's plan of using tree sap paired with flaming arrows from Alpha and her horde went into action leaving the likes of Daryl, Ezekiel, Judith, and others seemingly trapped outside of the Hilltop's walls. Heading into Sunday night's new hour of the AMC zombie series, the battle with the Whisperers will finally come to an end, but not before the fiery sequence is carried out and the survivors from the Hilltop fight back against their enemies.

The opening minutes of The Walking Dead Episode 10x12 have been released online. In the scene, Daryl, Aaron, Carol, Alden, Earl, Ezekiel, and others are forced to attempt their best rally against the Whisperers and their flaming plans. Carrying out his promised to Daryl, Ezekiel seeks out Judith in an effort to flee with her and the other kids from the community. However, when he finds her, he is devastated to see that she has killed a human. Outside of thee Hilltop, Judith used the sword skills which she learned from Michonne to defend herself but ultimately killed a couple of walkers before cutting down a Whisperer in a mask. When the Whisperer asked for mercy, she granted it, unlike her older brother Carl back at the prison -- but the person died anyway.

Check out the fiery clip from The Walking Dead Episode 10x12 as it was posted to Reddit below.

10x12 Opening Scene from r/thewalkingdead

Ultimately, it seems Daryl and company may have found their way out of the flaming chaos at the Hilltop in this clip.

"It's epic. It's really big," showrunner Angela Kang previously told Insider of the two-part battle. "I think it's been really exciting for us. It's very difficult to pull off. But I think when you promise a war with the mega horde, that's filled with humans, you kind of got to deliver on something that feels really cool and big."


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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.