After The Dead: Fear The Walking Dead Recap With Lincoln A. Castellanos

Tonight's episode, Pablo & Jessica, left a lot for fans to talk about. Most importantly, we all [...]

Tonight's episode, Pablo & Jessica, left a lot for fans to talk about. Most importantly, we all learned that immunity may actually exist in Fear The Walking Dead! Here to break it down with Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis, is actor Lincoln A. Castellanos.

We haven't seen Lincoln on Fear The Walking Dead for a while now, but he portrayed Tobias in the first season.

When Madison was working at the school, before the infection, she had a close bond with a student named Tobias. They worked together to escape the school, but Tobias chose not to stick with Madison and her family. She offered to keep him safe, but Tobias opted to survive at home.

FTWD Tobias

With his trusty knife by his side, Tobias assured Madison that he could take care of himself.

While not on the show for long, Tobias was a favorite among fans. His wit and courage were praised by audiences, and many hated seeing him leave.

Since his departure, many have theorized that Tobias would find a way to return to the group.

It would be a difficult road ahead, if that were the case. Tobias would have to find a way to get from Los Angeles to Tijuana in order to find the group. Either that, or Travis would have to cross paths with him on the way to San Diego.

If this were to happen, it would be yet another parallel story from The Walking Dead. Morgan Jones appeared in the first episode/issue, and didn't reappear until the third season. Even then, he was only around for one episode here and there, until becoming a regular in season six.


Lincoln A. Castellanos doesn't have many acting credits to his name, but his popularity and recognition is growing with each performance.

He is best known for his role as Tobias, but has also appeared in episodes of Fresh Off The Boat and The Mentalist. Most recently, Lincoln had an important role in a couple episodes of the Showtime series, Roadies.