Does Game Of Thrones Or The Walking Dead Feature More Death?

The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones are easily the two-most talked about TV shows across the globe. The Sunday night juggernauts have spawned watch toy lines, t-shirts, catchphrases - they've even got various alcoholic beverages dedicated to their stories.

While both shows are famous in general, they're also famous for one thing in particular. Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead kill a lot of people.

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Seriously, they kill off everyone.

It doesn't matter if you're a main character, or an innocent baby, you're not safe in either one of these worlds. Each episode of these shows features multiple deaths, and it's hard to go an entire season of either one without watching a major character bite the dust.

It seems difficult to decide which of these shows has featured more death, but a Reddit user, by the name of nachorykaart, did the work for everyone else.

That's right, this fan created an infographic for the deaths in both shows, and determined that one was more lethal than the other.

The user broke down every death in the first five seasons of both series', and they determined that The Walking Dead has killed more than Game Of Thrones.

That conclusion may surprise you, but there's one thing to consider - this information is including "non-human" deaths. Basically, that means walker deaths were counted as well.

Game Of Thrones had an overall kill count of 704, while The Walking Dead tallied 1216. Those numbers may be skewed, as 1007 of those deaths were zombies, not people.

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The Walking Dead may have killed more beings total, but Game Of Thrones has killed more popular characters. 19 major characters were killed off in the first five seasons of GOT, while TWD only took the lives of 13.

With Negan having just appeared, and the White Walkers preparing to march on Westeros, expect both of these totals to get much, much, higher.