Austin Amelio Describes Dwight And Daryl's New Relationship On 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead's eighth season started with an interesting exchange between Daryl and Dwight, clearly trusting one another, despite spending the majority of Season 7 at odds with one another.

The two characters may not be forming any sort of friendship but they're certainly relying on one another. Late in Season 7, Dwight's information helped Rick's army prepare for an attack by Negan. This time around, the favor was returned as Dwight was made aware of Rick's plans to march on the Sanctuary.

Still, it's not time to Daryl and Dwight friends just yet, according to Austin Amelio's interview with at The Walking Dead Episode 100 premiere. Check it out in the video above.

"There's not a friendship but I guess I'm sort of their last resort," Amelio said. "In the last episode of Season 7, I tell them some things that are important to my point of view on the whole world, so I think they took that to heart."

Still, that's a huge step for a relationship which saw one half of it shooting the other half in the shoulder.

Speaking of taking things to heart, Dwight is taking Eugene's quick rise at the Sanctuary quite personally. "He comes in and just starts making all these power moves and I've worked my a-- off to do that so I'm not very happy about it because I know he can be an asset because he's smart," Amelio said. As the war rolls on, it appears Dwight is the more trustworthy of the two for Team Rick, which would have shocked fans just one year ago.

"Season 8 on the whole, I've just been saying, it's like 100 miles per hour," Amelio said. "Every decision a character makes is on the fly, on the go, and it can be helpful, it can be hurtful. We're at All Out War and everything is happening so fast."


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