Fear The Walking Dead Recap Live With Gloria Actress Lexi Johnson

FTWD Gloria

Following Sunday night's Fear the Walking Dead midseason 2 premiere on AMC, ComicBook.com is hosting a live recap show with Fear's very first zombie and guest star in the midseason premiere, Lexi Johnson, hosted by ComicBook.com's Walking Dead expert Brandon Davis.

On Fear the Walking Dead, Johnson plays Nick Clark's drug addicted friend Gloria. The up and coming actress was first seen in the very first episode of the series, chewing on human flesh and terrifying the show's main character and audience alike. Though she hasn't appeared on Fear the Walking Dead since the series premiere, Johnson's Gloria character played an integral part in Nick Clark's back story, adding plenty of intriguing insight about their relationship and working with Nick actor Frank Dillane.

Following her work on the series in the first season, Johnson found her zombified self on the cover of Fear the Walking Dead's season one DVD/blu-ray set. Below, she joins us for a recap of the midseason 2 premiere which saw her return to the series pre-reanimation!

Aside from Fear the Walking Dead, Johnson has appeared in several films, best known for Anomaly, Wildflowers, and most recently a role in Guy Ritchie's The Nice Guys.

To conclude the first half of Fear's second season, the group was left scattered. Episode 2x08, titled Grotesque, centered around Nick Clark and his journey to find himself in the apocalypse but also reveals some dark secrets about his past. The official synopsis read, "Nick’s steadfast search for answers leads him into a deadly dog-eat-dog landscape. A dark piece of his past is uncovered.”

Last year, ComicBook.com launched live recap shows of The Walking Dead with stars such as Josh McDermitt, Ross Marquand and Michael Cudlitz joining to take questions from fans. Be sure to join us all season long for some insider info and to get your questions answered!

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Sunday night's Fear the Walking Dead recap show is hosted by ComicBook.com's Walking Dead universe expert Brandon Davis at 10 PM ET on The Walking Dead on ComicBook.com's FaceBook page and is replayable for your convenience.