Fear The Walking Dead Star Colman Domingo Opens Up On Directing, No Fear of Leaving

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead has been keeping it in the family with some directorial [...]

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead has been keeping it in the family with some directorial choices. Not only is Abraham Ford actor Michael Cudlitz helming his second episode of The Walking Dead with the show's tenth season but Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo is also directing his second episode. It airs on Sunday night, in the form of Fear's Episode 5x03. While Cudlitz is no longer a member of The Walking Dead's cast, Domingo is a series regular on Fear, but he has yet to direct himself in any scenes. Still, he admits that going at it for a second time brought some advantages from learning the first time around.

"I guess you know more, you do better," Domingo said in an interview with ComicBook.com. "I think I knew what I was getting myself into, but [Episode 5x03] was even more stunts and special effects and visual effects. I guess I did okay on my first time out, and so I think they handed me everything and the kitchen sink. So, I don't know, I think I even learned even more patience. I've learned how to prep even more because I think prep work is where you do the bulk of your preparation for the day of getting the shots. I think I learned that I had an instinct that being sort of a graceful, quiet director was the way to go, and still works for me."

Being an actor likely helps Domingo understand the process when working with his cast members, as well. "I think you got to be the quiet in the storm," Domingo explains. "You can't be rattled when you have a huge team depending on you." Luckily, he is working with a cast that embraces him and acts as a supportive family unit, something the actor turned director noted when talking about his episode in Season 4.

As the Dead universe approaches the production of movies, three of which will include Rick Grimes, Domingo has not been asked to direct any but -- should the network or studio come calling -- he thinks is up for the challenge. "I feel confident that I could," Domingo said. "I actually do."

Of course, the added skill set of directing episodes is beneficial for any actor, but especially those on a Walking Dead show. The nature of the business is that any character can go at any time, which is some Domingo no longer fears. "To be honest no. Not at all," Domingo said. "Honestly, I feel like I'm so prepared that if they told me that I was going to be bitten this season or next season, I think I would be okay. To be perfectly honest, I think it's not a fear that I have anymore. I think, you know, the nature of storytelling, and you feel like whatever tells the best story. I think we're all actors who know that we'll work again and again, and it's just the nature of the show. I think you want to really give it up to be a part of that. I think Strand has a lot more story to tell, but I think that who knows. If they decided something else, I think cool."

More of ComicBook.com's interview with Colman Domingo will be available following the east coast broadcast of Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x03 on Sunday night. For now, also check out Domingo opening up about his relationship with Kim Dickens since her departure from Fear in Season 4. What do you think of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead so far? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram or Twitter!

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in October. The Rick Grimes movies have not yet been given a release date.