Lennie James on Returning to 'The Walking Dead's Alexandria on 'Fear'

Morgan Jones might have ditched Alexandria in favor of solitude but after finding a new group to [...]

Morgan Jones might have ditched Alexandria in favor of solitude but after finding a new group to hang with in Texas on Fear the Walking Dead, he's decided it's time to head back to his original home with The Walking Dead's survivors. It's a decision which Morgan actor Lennie James promises will be more thoroughly explained in coming episodes of Fear.

"On one level, it is yet to be revealed," James told ComicBook.com, "but I think it is something to do with the fact that right in the beginning of episode nine, when Morgan is speaking to Althea on the walkie talkie, he says to her,'"I'm going to go home,' and I think it's the first time that Morgan has ever referred to Alexandria, The Kingdom, Hilltop, even The Heaps or anything back there as being home."

Morgan has always been a character on the move for as long as his character has existed in the Dead universe. After leaving his home in the first episode, Morgan's son Duane would perish and leave him to find shelter in an abandoned Georgia town. Shortly after this, he would begin a journey which lead him to reunite with Rick Grimes in Alexandria and take refuge at the Kingdom more permanently. Ultimately, he left town after the war with Negan and made it all the way to Texas where he met a new group of survivors.

"I think that that's something that he comes to realize once he's left the place, that that this is not where he belongs," James said. "[Alexandria] is some place that has become home for him, and he has the question about whether or not, like he says, that he never should've left, and that he wants to get back there to say to Rick, 'Okay, smart ass, you were right. I did find my way back to people.' And that's where he thinks, at this particular moment, he finds that he should be."

Of course, in heading back to Alexandria, Morgan might be too late to see Rick again to deliver such a message should he ever actually make the trip.

"I think it would be devastating, as it would be for a number of other characters," James said of seeing Alexandria without its leader. "For a long time now, since the loss of his wife and his son, Morgan -- until he made the acquaintance of Carol and Ezekiel and some of the others, until then -- Morgan's only proof that he's in the world has been Rick. The only person who knows Morgan that's left ... Eastman's gone, Jenny's gone, Duane's gone. The only proof Morgan has that he is alive and in this world has been Rick. The only person who knows him is Rick, and so, in a weird way, wherever Rick is is home. And if he heads back there and Rick isn't there, then I think that very much rocks the foundations of who he is now in this world."

James' last appearance on The Walking Dead can be seen on the Season Eight blu-ray which releases on August 21.

Fear the Walking Dead returns for the back half of its fourth season on Aug. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on Oct. 7, 2018. For more updates and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter!