‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Wasn’t Fazed by That Toilet Scene

Fear The Walking Dead star Lennie James had no hang-ups over dropping trou for a scene in 411, ‘The Code,’ which saw his Morgan mid-business and seated comfortably on the toilet of a handicapped stall.

“In that scene where Morgan’s using the bathroom, I’m English, so I read it, and I was like, ‘another day at the office,’” James said on Talking Dead.

“The boys [showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg] and [executive producer] Scott Gimple, were like, ‘Big scene coming up. Got this thing — ahh, we’ve never done it before. It’s a real, it’s a doozy. And, um, yeah, never done it.’ And I was like, what is the scene? And I got to it, and I already read it, and was like — did I miss something? And then we went back, and it was just me sat on the toilet. I was like, yeah, it’s fine, we do that [laughs]. If I got a penny for every time I’ve gone to the toilet on television, I would have quite a few pennies.”

After finding himself accidentally transported to Mississippi, Morgan ends up in the Flip-Flop Truck Stop — a well-stocked and unattended haven complete with working toilet.

It’s there he meets wheelchair-bound Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), who immediately takes issue with the able-bodied Morgan using facilities meant for the disabled. “All my life, people like you been using stalls made for people like me,” Wendell said, shotgun in hand, asking a question he’s always wanted answered.

“I never asked the question, but I’ma ask it now. Why?”

“I’m gonna be honest,” Morgan said, sheepishly. “It always seemed like a little apartment.”


Wendell and sister Sarah (Mo Collins) were introduced to bring “a very different flavor” to the series, Goldberg told EW. Operating under adopted motto “keep yo’ truck movin’... keep on truckin’,” the duo have since been conscripted by Morgan to redistribute boxes for needy survivors — to the chagrin of a mysterious woman (Tonya Pinkins), who is slowly emerging as a dangerous new threat — before they keep on truckin’ back East towards the home Morgan left behind: Alexandria, Virginia.

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