'Fear The Walking Dead' Won't Explore That Teased Location

Despite a tease of a larger world being among one Fear the Walking Dead character's last words, the AMC series won't head to the Pacific Northwest to find prepper central.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3x12 follow!

Just before he would get bit and ultimately succumb to the injuries, Jake Otto informed Alicia Clark of a community of preppers similar to, or possibly bigger than, the Broke Jaw Ranch. According to Jake, the community would be located in the "Pacific Northwest," but the characters won't fulfill Jake's wishes going forward according to showrunner Dave Erickson.

"No," Erickson said quickly while chatting with ComicBook.com, though he acknowledges "it absolutely was a worthwhile story to explore."

"I think the notion, and I think we speak to it, is that that is quite a long trip," Erickson said. "So to go up to Oregon or Washington State with an eye towards finding something is... What [Jake is] basically saying is Alicia has accepted and embraced the Ranch as the best option she's seen since this all. Since the apocalypse began. And what he's trying to say is there are alternatives. What he's trying to say is, 'The things that I held sacred, the things that were important here are gone. And in their absence, it's really just me and you. You're the one person I care for.'"

Of course, caring for people and serving as an optimistic moral compass type of character landed Jake in the R.I.P. category of characters in the Dead universe -- something Erickson says will help launch other characters in exciting new directions.

"It's kind of a setup leading toward this idea that there's a hunting cabin, there's a place where just the two of them, they'd be okay and they could manage," Erickson said. "But that would mean for Alicia, she would have to walk away from her brother and from her mom, which is a question that she's gonna face and something we're gonna explore as we move forward."

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