Fear The Walking Dead Had Crossover Plans For Passage

During Fear the Walking Dead's off-season, The Walking Dead came and went with its seventh batch of episodes. During the airing of episodes which saw Negan bullying Rick Grimes and Alexandria, AMC aired short mini-episodes of a series called Passage which was, in some way, linked to the sibling series Fear.

When Fear the Walking Dead returned for its third season, many expected to meet at least one of the characters from Passage when Madison Clark and her family arrived at a military base near the Mexican/American border. The Passage story was originally planned similarly to Flight 462 as a method to "keep the story alive," according to showrunner Dave Erickson. However, Flight 462 ended up literally flying over Nick Clark in one scene of Fear before two of its characters became involved with the story in the show's second season.

Passage followed a similar flight path.

“The character of the boyfriend in Passage, played by Mike Mosley, we wanted him to be the border guard that Travis and Nick come across in 301—in the premiere—and then, frankly, it became a question of scheduling,” Erickson said. “It didn’t pan out the way we wanted.”

The crossover between Fear the Walking Dead and Passage wouldn't have been a shocking, unforgettable moment but it would have been a nice tie between the clips fans watched through The Walking Dead's seventh season and the characters on Fear.

Erickson does advise not to rule out the possibility of the characters of Passage and those of Fear crossing paths down the road. "The good news is you do have these characters you have established who you can thread back in if it works organically. You also have the benefit of knowing that they are out there, knowing that there is a resource, and then you sort of wait and see where it goes.”

“You can’t always exploit every single character, otherwise you end up with a cast that is too large, and you are not able to service the stories the way you want to. I think that is the upside and downside."

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