'Fear' Characters Popping Up In 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 is "Possible"

Fear the Walking Dead characters showing themselves on The Walking Dead in its upcoming ninth [...]

Fear the Walking Dead characters showing themselves on The Walking Dead in its upcoming ninth season is being dubbed "possible."

While Morgan Jones recently head over to the sibling series for a crossover which is currently seeing him pursue a trip back to Alexandria, it's unlikely he and the core characters will join the original series (for now, at least). Fear the Walking Dead was recently renewed for a fifth season, keeping the two shows isolated for at least another year. However, some of the faces which have gone missing could resurface in the Virginia area.

"It's not impossible," Skybound's Johnny O'Dell said of crossovers in the brand's weekly Walking Dead Mailbag. "After all, Morgan's mission in the back half of Season 4 has been to travel back to Alexandria by any means necessary. As we've mentioned he's already found himself in Mississippi, but at the end of last week's episode he decided to reverse course back to Texas to find his friends before going back to Virginia. We'll have to wait and see if he actually returns, but since he has openly discussed it – it is possible."

With The Walking Dead due for a time jump, it will once again be ahead of Fear the Walking Dead in terms of the shows' respective timelines. However, characters such as Daniel Salazar or Qaletaca Walker could possibly make their way to Alexandria ahead of Morgan's hopeful trip to do so.

When asked at San Diego Comic Con if the once again misaligned timelines between Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead mean crossovers will not continue, the Dead universe's chief content office Scott Gimple debunked the notion.

"It does not [rule out more crossovers]," Gimple said. "That's about all I got to say. It does not but I wouldn't expect it all the time. Things could happen. You never know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead. That includes The Walking Dead and potentially people in the past from Fear the Walking Dead."

Which Fear the Walking Dead characters would you like to see head over to The Walking Dead? Would you like to see any of The Walking Dead characters head down to Texas for a collision with the survivors on Fear the Walking Dead? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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