Fear The Walking Dead: The Truth Behind Zombie Bite Immunity Revealed

Warning: Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale follow.

One of the main storylines in Fear The Walking Dead's second season has been the claim that Alejandro was immune to the infection.

According to the La Colonia leader, he was trying to save a youg addict from a group of walkers. In the midst of all the chaos, he was bitten by a zombie, and Luciana pulled him out. Through nursing and medicine, Alejandro remained healthy.

Fear the Walking Dead is Alejandro Immune
(Photo: AMC)

This story is what pulled so many people to La Colonia, and what kept them following Alejandro's guidance. If a man was truly immune, he would be looked as a prophet of sorts.

If Alejandro was indeed immune, it would change the events of the entire Walking Dead Universe.

It was revealed in tonight's season finale, that Alejandro was playing his people for fools.

During a walker encounter in the medical wing at La Colonia, Alejandro was bitten. Instead of looking confident, like an immune man would, he seemed worried. When He, Nick, and Luciana got to a private room, Nick called him out.

Alejandro revealed that he was actually bitten by the boy he was trying to save, not a walker. The bite marks were real, but the intensity of the story was false.


This revelation shocked Luciana, and it confirmed the fact that there is no immunity in The Walking Dead Universe. At least, not yet.

Both Fear The Walking Dead, and The Walking Dead center around groups searching for a cure to the infection. While one of the shows may reveal a cure eventually, it is still a long way off.