Fear The Walking Dead: Where Did Ofelia Go?

follow!Where in the apocalyptic hell did Ofelia go?!In the Los Muertos episode of Fear the [...]

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Warning: Spoilers for the ninth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's second season (Los Muertos) follow!

Where in the apocalyptic hell did Ofelia go?!

In the Los Muertos episode of Fear the Walking Dead which aired on Sunday night, Ofelia appeared to be falling apart mentally while she and Alicia investigated their new hotel home. After a brief period separation, Alicia returned to the room in which she (and we) last saw Ofelia to discover that she was missing.

Following a brief tease that Ofelia launched herself from the balcony, committing a suicide consistent with the manner in which she had been talking earlier, we discovered that Ofelia did not actually fall to her death. Instead, infected were falling from the balconies, flocking to the sound of a drunken Victor Strand's piano playing.

We never saw Ofelia again... So where is she?

Ofelia is off "finding herself," says Mercedes Mason in a text message.

"She is at a point where either she is gonna be broke or she's gonna pull a Carol from The Walking Dead," Mason told ComicBook.com prior to Fear's midseason 2 premiere.

"I know she can survive but it's gonna be, 'Does she want to?' It's all psychological at this point," Mason says. "Does she want to go on? If she does, how is she gonna do it or is it, 'You know what? I have nothing else to lose. Bring it.' She's literally been shot, she's lost her mom and her father. She's lost everything she loves and she doesn't trust these people. Bring it. What else could possibly happen to her? I think when you have nothing to lose, you have nothing to lose so there is no fear. I think that could be the other option. She's either gonna do herself in or she's gonna become Carol."

So, we can rule out Ofelia being dead and gone already but Mason went a bit further with a tease of what we'll see from her character as the season progresses.

"You'll really see how and why she lived for her parents more than herself," Mason reveals. "In one of the flashbacks, you'll see, she had a choice to do one thing and she chose her parents over that choice. I think that sort of haunts her and now that her parents aren't around, it's forced her to look at herself and all the choices she's made and what it means for her life."

Though Mason promises an Ofelia flashback episode, it's possible the scene may have been cut from the final version of the season's episodes. The event mentioned was already referenced to in the Los Muertos episode through Ofelia's dialogue with the rest of the group and producer Dave Erickson tells ComicBook.com that flashbacks like last week's Nick-centric episode won't become a regular occurance on Fear the Walking Dead.

"I think for us it's not going to be something we do that often," Erickson says. "Frankly, I mean I'd do it again as we move into season 3 but I think if it informs the story a little bit, if it can balance off what's going on in the present then I think there's value to them, but it won't be a regular device the way they did it on LOST."

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