Jeffrey Dean Morgan Confirms Multiple Kills In The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

Immediately following The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale, showrunner Scott Gimple addressed angry [...]

Immediately following The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale, showrunner Scott Gimple addressed angry fans and promised the cliffhanger leaving fans wondering who died that he and the team behind the series would "do an episode that justifies it to you."

The first thought by fans was that the only way to top altering the infamous issue #100 of The Walking Dead comics was to kill more than one character. Those fans were correct.

"Negan's not just going to kill one person in [the premiere],"Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan says. "He's not afraid of bashing in skulls."

That's right - at least two (and possibly more) characters will be killed in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere.

"As soon as the cameras are rolling and I get Lucille in my hand, it kind of just transforms me," Morgan says. "This character in particular has been such a joy to play for me. Put the dark stuff aside and the horrible things that Negan does… As an actor, it's just been so much fun. We're kind of midway through filming season seven, so I feel like I'm pretty locked in."


On the heels of the intense clip released at New York Comic Con over the weekend, fans have even more suspicions and theories over who the victims are. Most are claiming the death belongs to Maggie, following claims of her engagement ring being amongst the bashed brains on the ground, but others claim that Abraham was killed and his blood spattered across Rick's face.

Of course, the blanket on the ground just in front of the remains of someone's skull was last seen being warn by Daryl Dixon, so the fuel around the Daryl dying fire is being poured heavily.

The death does rightfully belong to Glenn Rhee. In issue #100 of Robert Kirkman's comics, Negan made his presence known by pounding Lucille on Glenn's skull in front of his pregnant wife and closest friends as they helplessly looked on.

AMC's version of Negan is already promising to be more brutal than the black and white comic book version. In the comics, his introduction ended after bashing Glenn's skull. There was no more killing until his trips to Alexandria. This time around, it appears he will not only pop a couple of Alexandrians right off the bat, but he's also going to push Rick to the limits by testing him even further inside of the RV.

At New York Comic Con, Gimple confirmed we will indeed see Negan's kill in the premiere, quieting the cynical fans battering their keyboards and shouting into comment section that viewers will have to wait for more episodes to find out who dies.

The premiere episode of The Walking Dead seventh season is "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be," a throwback to when Dr. Edwin Jenner told Rick Grimes he would once wish he died at the exploding CDC in Atlanta.

The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season on October 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all season long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.

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