Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Ready For That Huge Negan Twist On The Walking Dead

Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and possibly TV series follow!The Walking Dead's most [...]

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Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and possibly TV series follow!

The Walking Dead's most recent issue, #156, was the biggest gamechanger the comic book series has seen since Negan was introduced four years ago in the infamous issue #100. July's issue saw Negan take down the leader of the Whisperers, who are currently the biggest threat to Rick's group.

Speaking to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the man who brings Negan to life on AMC's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comics, the actor revealed to that he is a huge fan of the events taking place on the pages. "He's doing okay right now," Morgan says about his comic book counterpart.

With Negan having beheaded Alpha and primed to present his work to Rick Grimes in what many speculate to be an effort to join forces with the leader of Alexandria, some are wondering if Negan will turn into a good guy.

"That I'm not ready for," Morgan says. "I don't think he'll go good but the Alpha thing was pretty sweet. It was f---ing great."

The TV series left off its latest episode at a story point equivalent to that of The Walking Dead's 100th issue. The events of issue #156 would take at least three more seasons to get to on television but Morgan can't wait to see the epic moment pulled off on television. "I saw that and I called Kirkman and go, 'Oh, motherf---er, let's do this!'" he says.

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