Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals How Often Negan Swears On The Walking Dead Season 7

Negan is best known for two things in The Walking Dead comic books: his infamous introductory scene and his harsh language.

In the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman's villain, we've seen half of that introduction but none of the language which came with it in the comics. When the season six blu-ray comes available next month, we will get our look at an uncensored Negan, but when Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character airs on television he has to keep the language contained to FCC regulations.

That doesn't mean he isn't cursing up a storm on the set of season 7.

"It's limitless," Morgan says when asked how much he is swearing during production of The Walking Dead's seventh season. "I mean, the amount of swear words that Negan has said in the course of the first... I think we're on episode 7 now... I have said every one as many times as that can be said. Now, what we do with Negan, is we have to film a TV version. I'm still allowed a couple swear words, I can drop them in there here and there. Then we do the F-take where I just let loose and I let loose a lot when I am off camera like if I am working with other actors for their coverage. When the camera's on them I will just let words fly. Some are scripted and some are just in character."

We won't be seeing any of the "F-takes" on AMC this season but hopefully we get our look at them when the upcoming season is available on blu-ray and DVD next summer.


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(via EW)