‘The Walking Dead’ Director Shares Special BTS Moment Between Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead director Rosemary Rodriguez shared a new behind-the-scenes look at stars Andrew [...]

The Walking Dead director Rosemary Rodriguez shared a new behind-the-scenes look at stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus during filming on 904, "The Obliged."

The episode served as the last hurrah for Reedus' Daryl Dixon and Lincoln's Rick Grimes, who appeared to die in the following episode, "What Comes After."

Rick and Daryl found themselves trapped in a pit quickly filling with tumbling walkers when racing to intercept Hilltop leader Maggie (Lauren Cohan) from reaching Alexandria, which housed jailed former Savior leader Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Their relationship strained by Rick's unilateral decision to spare Negan and Rick's subsequent efforts to integrate the Saviors into daily life moving forward, the brothers were forced to confront their issues before coming together to escape the pit.

Rick then elected to stay behind and redirect an approaching herd of walkers despite Daryl's refusal, and was later severely wounded by a protruding piece of rebar when bucked off the back of his spooked horse.

Daryl was forced to watch helplessly as Rick fired at a bundle of overturned dynamite when making his last stand at the bridge he hoped to save, halting the walker horde and appearing to die in the process. Distraught, Daryl wandered into the woods as part of a six-year search for Rick's body, later having only pet Dog for company.

"I remember that last final scene with him on the bridge — Greg [Nicotero], who directed that episode, was like, 'What do you want to do here?' And I knew everyone was gonna run in and try to save him, but the deal was, because he and I are so tight on that show, I wanted to get there first and see that he's f—ed, there's no way he's going to get out of this," Reedus recalled of filming his last scene shared with Lincoln on the Dan Fogler's 4D Xperience podcast.

"And I wanted — like somebody dying on their deathbed, I wanted to be there holding his hand. Like, 'I know you're not gonna make it, but I'm here with you, I want you to see my face on the way out.'"

Reedus has since inked a sizable three-year deal retaining his services for the flagship television series or other projects, while Lincoln has since departed the show for good and will instead headline a trilogy of television movies exploring where the gravely wounded Rick Grimes was taken when rescued by Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh).

The Walking Dead Season Nine returns with new episodes Sunday, February 10 on AMC.