The Walking Dead: Best Fan Reactions From Season 7 Premiere

If you had a difficult time watching The Walking Dead season premiere, you certainly weren't alone. Fans from all over the world recorded their reactions to the episode, knowing it was going to include at least one big character's death.

What many didn't account for, however, was the possibility of Negan taking two victims. Once Abraham was gone, people took a second to breathe, and they were completely shocked to see the villain off Glenn as well.

In addition to the two deaths, many fans were cringing at the thought of Rick cutting off Carl's hand towards the end of the episode. While the event didn't actually happen, it seemed like a real possibility.

twd reactions
(Photo: Skybound)

A video was released this week showcasing some of the best character reactions from the episode. It begins with flashback videos featuring the frustration of the cliffhanger, and then spends 13 minutes bringing you some of the best reactions to the premiere.

Take a look at the video to see other fans, just like yourself, relive the events of last week's episode. Some of the reactions are quite funny, others are exactly the opposite. There were people in tears, some were grasping for air, and others even felt the need to get up and walk out.


The compilation was put together by Skybound Entertainment, the company that produces The Walking Dead books. Our favorite screaming mother makes quite a few appearances, and the video is filled with plenty of faces fans of the show will recognize from past videos.

Just so you recieve fair warning, this video is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. The folks in here curse up a storm while watching the episode, which isn't all that surprising. Just be careful where you choose to watch with the sound on.