The Walking Dead Brought Back Beth's Death Location

The Walking Dead has returned to a location which some fans will immediately have identified at the end of the Season 10 finale. To conclude Episode 10x15, Beta escorted his horde of guardians to The Tower. In the episode, they arrived at a tall hospital with a "Emergency" banner draped outside of its main entrance. While this location is meant to be entirely different from its previous appearance within the AMC zombie series thanks to movie magic and set designers, it is too memorable of a spot for some to miss where they saw it before. This hospital entrance is the same place which was used in The Walking Dead's fifth season when Daryl carried a dead Beth out of the Grady Memorial hospital following a showdown with Dawn.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang was unable to confirm or deny whether or not the location is the same real world spot for production of both sequences. "I don't know," Kang admitted. "We use a lot of different locations!"

After taking a closer look at how it appeared in Episode 10x15 (The Tower) on Sunday night compared with Beth being carried by Daryl in Episode 5x08 (Coda), it is the same location with a different dressing. Of course, th hospital which Beth was killed in was down in Atlanta, Georgia, while Beta and the Whisperers are still somewhere much closer to Alexandria, Virginia. Of course, the production of the series remains in the Atlanta area.

Below, check out a photo of the moment from Episode 10x15 compared with that of Episode 5x08.

(Photo: AMC / The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead Episode 10x15 served as the show's Season 10 finale but a true finale in the form of Episode 10x16 is going to air later this year when the team is safely able to complete the VFX and other editing components.

"We know that Beta is maybe not in the best shape, and he's hell-bent on revenge," Kang explained. "His Alpha is dead and he's still wearing half her face. I think that our people and Beta and the Whisperers, they're all on a collision course and it's finally all going to come to an epic head."


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The Walking Dead Episode 10x16 will air later this year. The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 1 and Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 do not yet have premiere dates.