The Walking Dead Cast Agrees the Whisperers Are “Far Worse” Than Negan

The Walking Dead stars agree the disguised and barbaric Whisperers are “far worse” a threat [...]

The Walking Dead stars agree the disguised and barbaric Whisperers are "far worse" a threat than Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors.

"They're far worse. The Whisperers are the terror that lives next door," Siddiq star Avi Nash told IGN. "They're not forcing us to join their ranks, they're not holding anyone hostage. They're sneaking into our house, putting heads on stakes, and then laughing about it in the forest."

Ryan Hurst, who plays vicious Whisperer number two Beta, called Nash's characterization of the mask-wearing enemies a "fair assessment."

"The evolution of antagonists in the show has always been intriguing to watch. The Whisperers are just sort of impenetrable as enemies, because they're just so crazy," Hurst said.

"There's no semblance of humanity left. It's a little bit like in No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh, you can't reason with this person. They're just on another level of cuckoo. That's what I was always impressed by, and I think we're making good on that promise of, really, that there's no dealing with these Whisperers."

Under the leadership of Alpha (Samantha Morton), the nameless believers of the Whisperer cult have fully embraced Alpha's animalistic ways and her twisted rituals.

"As far as they're concerned, this is how the world works. They're just trying to educate us that this is the way things actually go and it's the survival of the fittest," added Yumiko star Eleanor Matsuura. "The thing in this season that we're all trying to deal with, and why we're so paranoid, is because they unraveled us so easily."

During TWD's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Daryl star Norman Reedus teased Alpha "might be the reason" Daryl and Negan join forces.

"I like what Jeffrey's doing with the character this year. It's a completely different character than we've seen before," Reedus said.

"I think there's a mutual understanding between those two characters. I think they might need each other at some point. It's such a weird world, 'cause some of the bad guys are the good guys, and the good guys are the bad guys, and everybody thinks they're doing the right thing. I mean, we've all killed people. We've all done crazy things, so maybe there will be a time where we need him."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday, October 6.