The Walking Dead: How Did Dwight Get His Scar?

One of the biggest question marks from The Walking Dead last season revolved around the new [...]

One of the biggest question marks from The Walking Dead last season revolved around the new villain Dwight, and how he got the enormous scar on the side of his face.

Dwight first appeared with two women in the woods, and they crossed paths with Daryl. The group was worried about the person they were running from, and they carried a bag of medicine that was supposed to be for one of the ladies.

Dwight ended up taking Daryl's bike and crossbow, fleeing the scene before he could be found. After that, we didn't see much more of Dwight for a while.

When the man reappeared, several episodes later, he seemed to have a little more edge to him. He still carried Daryl's crossbow, and he had a burn scar covering the entire left side of his face. It looked painful, and his facial expressions indicated that he clearly hadn't recovered emotionally from whatever was done to him.

Dwight continued to appear as a major character throughout the rest of the season. the story of his scar however, was never addressed.

So, how did Dwight get the scar? Well, in the comics, it's a pretty brutal tale.

TWD Dwight

Dwight had a wife named Sherry. On the show, she was one of the women who he was running with in the woods. When the couple first arrived at Negan's compound, The Sanctuary, they were glad to have refuge.

Members of The Sanctuary are able to earn privelages and get nicer things using a points system. If they do things to better the community, or to help Negan out in any way, the earn points. Living off the points system can be tough, but it's not the worst way to live in the apocalypse.

Negan takes on several wives in the comics, and these women have it made in terms of privelages. If they simply agree to marry Negan, sleep with him when he wants, and refuse to cheat with any other man, they no longer have to use points for anything. If Negan chooses you as a wife, there's nothing you have to worry about.

Negan took a liking to Sherry after she and Dwight arrived. He offered to take her as a wife, and save her from the points system, and she didn't hesitate. Sherry turned on Dwight for a comfortable life in an instant.

After a long time being with Negan, Sherry began to miss Dwight. The two snuck off to have sex every once in a while, hiding their secrets from Negan and the others. Eventually, Negan found out.

In this situation, Negan gives Sherry an option. He can either kill Dwight, or punish him so he never does it again. The punishment, however, won't be something he'll enjoy living with. Sherry chose the latter, and the iron ceremony began.

With the entire compound watching, Negan sat Dwight on a chair in the middle of a floor. He took a hot iron out of the fire, and burned Dwight's face with it. Negan has done the same thing to a man named Mark, who also slept with one of his wives.

This act made Dwight the obedient soldier that he is, and also left a disdain for Negan that would come back to haunt him later.

There's no telling how this will play out in the comics, but we're sure Dwight's running away last season will have something to do with it.