Jeffrey Dean Morgan Saddened Over The Walking Dead Losing Alpha Actress Samantha Morton

Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is "sad" to lose Alpha actress Samantha Morton, whose time with The Walking Dead ended when Negan murdered Alpha in 1012, "Walk With Us." Morgan and Morton first appeared opposite each other in Season 10 episode 6, "Bonds," where Negan pledged his loyalty to the Whisperer leader before sleeping with her in the midseason premiere, "Squeeze." Having proved himself worthy of her trust again in "Morning Star," where Alpha and her Whisperers waged war against the Hilltop, Negan lured Alpha into a trap in "Walk With Us" under the pretense he was taking her to kill daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy).

"When you work with Samantha, she's gonna know exactly what she's gonna do, but she's also very open to working not only with me, but with whoever was directing the episode," Morgan said in a pre-recorded interview for Talking Dead. "Truly an honor to work with her, and I'm sad she's no longer with us, because she was a hell of a person to have on this show."

Added McClincy, Morton is "so talented and hardworking and even off set, just as a person, I just love to watch her and kind of see how she acts. And I don't know, just look at her perfectness."

Alpha spent most of her time on The Walking Dead with Beta (Ryan Hurst), her most loyal follower.

"Samantha has a way of elevating material in a way that is sort of like a dimensional shift. It's like something that goes from a two-dimensional thing to a three-dimensional thing," Hurst said of his two-season co-star. "She finds this way of elevating everything that just feels deeper, it feels richer. I'm not sure exactly what the f— she's doing."

"Somewhere in those big old eyeballs of hers, and something she's doing with her head, is she finds this way of sort of summoning this energy that makes the scene really potent. That's the best way that I can put it," he added. "And she does it not just in this, but in all of her work."

Beta will now be out to avenge his leader's death in the remainder of the half-season, which has just three episodes left to air after Sunday's 1013, "What We Become," an episode focused on Michonne (Danai Gurira) and her dangerous mission on a faraway island.


"He's the beta because he likes Alpha as the one who leads. He was good at being the big, strong number two. Now he has to figure out what this all means for him," showrunner Angela Kang previously told The Hollywood Reporter. "Emotionally, he was co-dependent with Alpha. That's a big part of the story in the coming episodes."

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