'The Walking Dead': Who Does Negan Kill In Season 8B Trailer?

The Walking Dead's villain and his precious Lucille are at it again in the latest trailer, [...]

The Walking Dead's villain and his precious Lucille are at it again in the latest trailer, prompting fans to wonder who Negan is killing this time.

With a swing of his bat at a mostly off-screen face, Negan is bashing someone's skull. The moment can be seen in the extended trailer above. Many suspect the victim to be Dwight, who was caught by Laura as being a traitor to the Saviors in the Mid-Season Eight finale. After she saw him killing several of Negan's men, Laura narrowly escaped and appeared to head back to the Sanctuary. Despite the popular consensus, this probably is not Dwight.

The victim of Negan's mean swing is probably a long-haired walker. Surrounding the villain are all of his Saviors which serve as members of his army. Instead of a major character death, this is more likely a major moment from The Walking Dead comics.


Spoilers for the comics and possibly AMC series follow.

In the comics, Negan rallies his men to give a specific order: cover weapons and ammunition in walker guts. This makes the slightest graze of a bullet or knife fatal a fatal blow to the enemy. In this moment from the trailer, Negan is probably doing just that as The Last Stand between Rick and Negan is on the horizon.

"You see this?" Negan says to his Saviors in issue #122. "Look at it... Watch how I'm just getting in there... Rubbing all up in its grill. Lucille is getting to know this sorry sack of dead flesh. Sorry, Lucille." He calls the tactic, "modified weapons." He is eager to see the Alexandrian survivors struck by his genius plan, get a fever, and succumb to the walker virus. The move leads to a major story point which may or may not be brought to the show and, in fact, emphasizes Dwight's true loyalties.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018 on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead directly follows, debuting its Season Four premiere on April 15 at 10 pm ET. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.