The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Says Characters Are Pointing Fingers In Season 7

TWD DAryl 614

Some questionable choices late in The Walking Dead's sixth season set the group up for their costly and horrific introduction to Negan. When we find the characters in Season 7 this fall, they'll not only be paying for those decisions, but blaming those who made them.

Each character will deal with a different aftermath once Negan walks away. Each potential victim will have a different affect on those who survive the brutal moments, which Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus elaborated on while talking to EW.

"It affects the group completely differently," says Reedus. "You know, everyone, it affects them differently. Some relinquish power. Some accept it. Some fight it. There are people questioning it. There are people pointing their fingers. There are people blaming themselves. Other things happen that completely destroy people. The group is completely broken apart at this point. Negan has come in and completely shaken up everything. Loyalties are broken, belief in one another, belief in ourselves. Each individual is completely broken, and they don’t all handle it the exact same way."

The world will be rocked for the characters but the audience is going to feel it, as well.


"I mean, it’s a brand new world right now," Reedus explains. "It’s a complete change of power. Our whole world has been turned upside down, and that group of people have been fighting to have their feet firmly on the ground and have some sort of direction to live in and some sort of code to live by and moral compass, and they thought they were doing it okay, you know? It was hard, and they had to go through things all the time, but they were on a path, and now that path has been ripped from their feet, and things that they believe in are completely different now. The world is completely turned upside down."

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