The Walking Dead Opening Credits Have Foreshadowed Negan's Victims All Along

The Walking Dead has been all over the internet since its premiere on Sunday. They've finally revealed who Negan killed in the season six finale, and the ever-expanding fan base has yet to recover.

It's hard to notice everything in an episode that is so shocking and important, so many fans are going back and watching it multiple times in order to catch every clue and hint.

What most fans aren't studying, however, is the ever-changing opening title sequence. It's normal for The Walking Dead to change these titles from time to time, but the images shown here were major spoilers for the season seven premiere.

Not only that, but these images were also featured in the credits for a couple of seasons now. Michael Cudlitz has said that the actors knew their fates over a year ago, so it makes you wonder how long the writers have been toying with killing these characters.

This could mean that the producers of The Walking Dead had planned out the deaths of Glenn and Abraham for a while now, and they put it right in front of fans' faces. Has The Walking Dead been toying with us for this long?

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.24.38 PM
(Photo: AMC)

When Steven Yeun's name came on the screen, there was an image of the pocket watch that Hershel gave to Glenn. That could be telling us his time was up, but it was Maggie's title that gave it away.

Lauren Cohan's name appeared over a burning photograph. If you remember, this was taken from a scene in which Maggie made Glenn burn a picture of her.

After the couple had been reunited a while back, Maggie forced Glenn to burn the only picture of her that he had. She claimed that he wouldn't need it anymore, as they would never be apart again.

This episode marks another separation between the two characters, but there won't be a time in this life where they find each other again.

This image is cryptic, to say the least, but it definitely teases the fate of Glenn before fans had a chance to see it coming.

Michael Cudlitz' title screen appeared a few seconds later, and his fate was made much more obvious.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.25.01 PM
(Photo: AMC)

When the Abraham actor's name came across the screen, there was an image of a wooden cross with two shoes tied around it. His title image was a grave.

The message there to fans couldn't have been much clearer.


If anything, these credits will teach The Walking Dead fans to pay closer attention to the little things. Everyone takes these sequences for granted, but they're obviously much more telling then they let on.

Did you notice these images in the credits? Any other Easter Eggs you can find? Let us know in the comments below!