The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: The Cell

The Walking Dead: The CellWho’s The Boss is on the tv, Dwight is watching. He is then seen with [...]

The Walking Dead: The Cell

Who's The Boss is on the tv, Dwight is watching. He is then seen with a woman taking shots. We get glimpses of people, food, and fights as Dwight walks around The Sanctuary.

He got to inspect the people in bunk #39, and takes the food they have. While this is all happening, he makes himself a sandwich.

Negan walks by a group of Saviors, and they all kneel. Dwight is the only one to look up as he walks by.

The montage ends, and Dwight is eating the sandwich on the front steps of The Sanctuary. Two men in grey sweatshirts with the letter "F" on the front, coral walkers in a gated entrance. Dwight watched, and is fixated on a zombie stuck on a pole.

Dwight makes a sandwich out of dog food and takes it to a cell where Daryl is curled in the corner, naked.

Opening Credits commence.

Daryl is lying in his dark cell, reaching toward the small light coming from beneath the door. He is struggling to reach, and his door finally opens. Dwight comes in with another sandwich. He watched Daryl as he eats, before leaving and closing the door.

Daryl is seen again, the same song playing as before, meaning he is getting fed. Each time the song begins to play, Daryl knows it's time for food. Dwight throws sweats at Daryl, and returns to take him out of the cell.

Dwight leads Daryl down the hallway and through a red door. They enter a doctor's office, and a Sherry is sitting on the table. She dresses Daryl, and Dwight cuts her off.

He notices a pregnancy test on the table, and she says its negative.

Sherry again tries talking with Daryl, and Dwight chastises her.

The doctor tells Daryl he will get better, and Negan will take care of him.

In the hallway, Negan appears. He asks for a meeting with Dwight, and Daryl is taken around the hall Across from where he sits, there's a bedroom with the door open. He stares into it until Dwight returns.

Outside, Daryl watches as the guys in sweats deal with the walkers outside the fence. Dwight shoots a zombie with the crossbow, and tells Daryl he's still getting used to it.

Dwight tells Daryl he can be like the seat guys, him, or the walkers.

Commercial Break.

Dwight takes Daryl back to his cell. He tells Daryl to make it easy on himself and kneel before Negan. Daryl says he never will, Dwight disagrees.

The song comes on again, and Daryl goes insane. He's expecting food and no one is showing up.

Negan and Dwight are talking, and Negan compliments Dwight's efforts with breaking Daryl. Negan offers Dwight a "blast from the past with you-know-who." Negan says he's kidding, he can pick whoever he wants as long as she says yes.

Negan asks about Dwight's manhood since Eugene bit him. Dwight passed. Negan wonders why he's saying no. Dwight says he hasn't finished the job so he hasn't earned it.

Negan says, "You earn what you take."

A woman comes across the radio saying someone has stolen something. Dwight says he'll go, but Negan says that work is beneath him. Dwight wants to anyway, and Negan says "Good Boy."

Dwight drives a motorcycle down the street and stops at a bridge.

The song plays again, and a large man opens Daryl's cell. He hands him the sandwich and leaves again after Daryl begins eating. Daryl sits along, and looks at the door. he begins trying to open it, and it works. The man left it unlocked.

Daryl walks down the empty hallway and past the chair he was sitting in. As he creeps around, he stops for another man to walk by. With more men coming behind him, Daryl hides.

Back on the road, Dwight walks the bike through a patch of downed walkers. They are alive, but immobile. The group looks to have all been taken out by the same thing.

A walker suddenly falls from the bridge and knocks Dwight over. He shoots the one on top of him.

Daryl gets stopped by Sherry, She tells him to go back, and there is always more that Negan can do to him. She says he can't get away, and it will be worse whenever he misbehaves. Daryl turns and walks away, searching for the door to get out.

Outside, there are multiple motorcycles. Daryl tries to start one, but a group of men come outside and surround him. Negan appears, whistling his tune. He asks if Daryl is "pissing his pants yet."

Negan asks the men who they are, and they all reply with "Negan."

"see that, I am everywhere."

The unlocked door was a test for Daryl, and he failed. Negan says his life was about to get so much cooler, but not now.

Negan says Daryl has three choices. Either he dies and gets put out to work for him as a walker, he works like a slave, or he works for him and lives like a king. There is no fourth option.

Negan begins to take a swing at Daryl, but stops just before his head. Daryl didn't flinch. He likes Daryl's guts, but says it pisses Lucille off. She isn't feeling thirsty, but Negan is. He's going to go get a drink. The other men beat Daryl as Negn leaves.

Dwight is walking with the broken-down bike, and he sees a man up ahead, fighting a zombie. He puts the bike down and goes after him.

Daryl is sitting alone in his cell, and he says that someone is standing at the door. Sherry begins to talk to him. She apologizes for what happened to him. There is so many things she wishes she never found out, wishes she didn't try.

She says that back in the woods, when they took Daryl's stuff, she told him she was sorry. He told her she was gonna be, and now she is.

Dwight is talking to the man on the road. He says he's taking him back and that he now owes a whole lot more. The man pleads with Dwight, saying he used to be friendly but Negan changed him by abusing him and his wife. He says that it's not Dwight's wife anymore.

With a gun in his face, Dwight says to keep walking The man tells him that he wants Dwight to pull the trigger. He can't go back.

The man says Negan claims there is only one way. There's only one of him and so many of us, why do we live like this?

Dwight says because they have come so far because of him.

The man says he thought living at the sanctuary would be okay, that he thought he knew how to fight the monsters. he gets on his knees.

He says there is nothing left for him, and this will be last time he kneels.

Dwight says he will take all of his friends and torture them for the rest of their lives. he will dig up the man's wife and feed her to the crows.

The man gets up and tells Dwight he won, but he knows there's nothing left. Dwight limps down the road and smiles. He raises his gun and fires at the man.

In a dark stairwell, Dwight enters. Sherry stands on the next flight up and he walks to join her. He asks her for a cigarette and they both smoke.

Dwight asks if "he" is good to her, and she says yes. She asks him if he's happy, and he says yes. Dwight tells her that she did the right thing, and it's better than being dead. Dwight puts his cigarette out and walks away.

The song plays again, and Daryl sits in the cell. Dwight brings him another sandwich and tells him to eat. He says Daryl got his friend killed, and the sandwich is thrown back at him. He tells Daryl that he should be dead but Negan has taken a liking to him. He puts a photograph on the wall next to Daryl, and it's a picture of Glenn's dead body. Daryl looks at the photo and a different song plays.

Dwight is standing outside of the cell, listening to the song. Daryl is starting to cry listing to the singer talk about crying. Daryl cries heavier, and he begins to openly weep. As Dwight hears him cry, he walks away.

Later, Dwight opens the door. Daryl is passed out, with vomit in front of him.

Dwight appears in that room from earlier, and Negan is sitting in the chair. he leads Daryl inside. Negan gets him something to drink and says he will have the doctor help him out.

Negan tells the story of how Dwight wasn't always important. He says Dwight and his wife and her sister used to work for points, but that's in the past. This is when Dwight and the women took off with all of the medicine. He says there are rules. It cost an arm and a leg to go after him, but Dwight still got away. He says Dwight saw the light and returned for forgiveness. He begged Negan not to kill Sherry, and she says she will marry Negan if he lets Dwight live.

Negan claimed it was a start, but not enough. So Dwight got the iron, and then Negan married his wife. Now, Dwight is one of Negan's top guys and they are totally cool.

Negan says the point is Daryl could become that guy. He says this whole room, and everything in it, can be his if he answers a simple question.

"Who are you?"

Daryl is silent, and Negan asks again.

After a moment of silence, Daryl says his name, not Negan's. Daryl made his choice.

Daryl is thrown back into the cell by Dwight and he tells him he will end up back in that room or on the fence.

Daryl says he understands why Dwight took it from Negan, that he was thinking of someone else. It's the exact reason why Daryl can't break.

Dwight watches the men on the fence, and throws his beer bottle at the walkers. The walker closest to him is revealed to be the man from the street. He claws at Dwight, and Dwight has to look away. He walks back inside.

The End.