The Walking Dead Selling Michonne and Judith Sketch Phone Case Inspired by Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead fans can now purchase a phone case featuring the sketch of Michonne (Danai [...]

The Walking Dead fans can now purchase a phone case featuring the sketch of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and daughter Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) found etched on a cell phone in Gurira's last episode, "What We Become," where Michonne discovered possessions left behind by the once presumed dead Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). While away on Bloodsworth Island with Virgil (Kevin Carroll), a search of a washed up boat uncovered Rick's boots and an image of Rick's family scratched into a cell phone beneath the word "rick." Beneath Rick's name, Japanese lettering spelled out a hopeful message: "Believe a little bit longer."

The phone case is available to purchase from the official Walking Dead store for $34.95 in a variety of phone styles, including the iPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy S10+. Also available as part of the Michonne and Judith Sketch Collection is a notebook with the same image, priced at $15.95.

The Walking Dead Michonne Judith sketch phone case
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"The etching, there's Japanese letters, there's Michonne, there's what looks to be a more current Judith than perhaps Rick [is familiar with] … Is he alive? Is he dead? What's his situation?" executive producer and chief content officer Scott Gimple said about the mysterious sketch on Talking Dead. "All I can say is, obviously those are clues that something's going on there, and that there's a whole story unfolding somewhere. And Michonne might be moving towards it."

The unknown artist could be Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), formerly Jadis of the Scavengers, who painted the Rhee and Greene family portraits hung in Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) office at Hilltop. When we last saw Rick, he survived a bridge explosion and was shuttled away a Civil Republic Military helicopter by Anne.

Asked why the sketch depicts Judith as she looks now — the missing Rick hasn't seen his daughter in over six years — Gimple noted, "He doesn't need to have seen her recently. There's a little extrapolation that could be there, too."

Now following this lead on the disappeared Rick, Michonne could next appear in her own spinoff series before Gurira reunites with Lincoln in the Walking Dead feature film franchise.

"We're gonna be telling more stories [with Michonne]," Gimple said on Talking Dead, where he confirmed the massive group of new survivors seen migrating in an organized fashion in the final moments of "What We Become" will factor into this next story for Michonne.

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