'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Wants Rick And Michonne To Have A Baby

The Walking Dead leading man Andrew Lincoln wants to add more members to the Grimes clan.

Appearing together at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira — who play lovers Rick Grimes and Michonne, respectively — were asked if Rick would want to have a child with Michonne, considering Rick has raised Carl and is raising Judith with Michonne acting as the toddler's surrogate mother.

Lincoln wants the couple to have a child (or a few), but Gurira isn't so sure: Michonne already lost a child, Andre, and as one of the group's most fiercest warriors, she'd have to think hard about taking some time off.

Lincoln: I think we need to repopulate the earth. And when I say it I mean Rick Grimes with a British accent…Yes, yes, and thrice, yes. Let's get it on.Gurira: He, Rick, doesn't have to bear the load of that. But, yeah. You know, yeah. Michonne would have to think about that a little. She likes being agile. She likes being able to move.Lincoln: She'd still be kick-ass with a bump! She'd be amazing.Gurira: In theory, I love the idea. The practicality of it, I don't know, Michonne would have to think that through.

Gurira previously opened up on the relationship between Michonne and Rick, saying the pair empower each other. The coupling's love has only strengthened Michonne, Gurira says, and following a potentially devastating moment in season 7 where Rick lost his footing and was seemingly devoured by Walkers, Michonne understands their place in the world is about something greater than just either one of them:

"But the idea of, we're doing this for something bigger than ourselves is this next place that she's gotten to," Gurira said. "So yes she's deeply connected, as that moment exposed, even to herself. She's evolved into being so much more alive. Her losses before, she deadened and became very one-woman army. But now this sort of loss, she can't even compute absorbing it. And so it really was about him regalvanizing her to understand, this is not about us. It's about the future we're trying to build. And we have to keep our eyes on that."


Lincoln, who describes Michonne and Rick as "the mama and the papa of the community," previously shared their relationship is "absolutely a vein that is at the heart of this season."

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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