'The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Trolls With Which Character He Would Come Back As

Looking back at The Walking Dead's eight seasons so far, there is one character Andrew Lincoln quipped he would like to come back as: Shane Walsh.

During a panel at New York Comic Con, Lincoln was asked by a fan which non-Rick Grimes character he would like to go back and portray given such a fantastical opportunity. "I'd come back as Shane because I'd actually get to sleep with Lori," Lincoln joked, taking a jab at Rick's late wife who cheated on him with his best friend back in the days where she thought he died in the hospital.

Fittingly enough, Shane Walsh will be making a return to the AMC show in its upcoming ninth season. With Lincoln set to exit the AMC show in its upcoming season, he will finally have opportunities to play characters outside of his best known Rick Grimes part.

"There was a point I think, two weeks into shooting when Frank, we were doing the sequence when I woke up in the hotel corridor," Lincoln said at the panel "Frank saddled over to me, very quietly, and he said, 'I think we might have something here.' It meant an enormous amount to me. I thought we might be onto something and they're not gonna fire me!...When we went to my first comic con, I remember being on the other side of the walls and hearing the noise."

Lincoln admits he does get nervous when he meets fans and shares the work. The fans, however, make it easier for him.


"My last day was amazing," Lincoln said. "On the way to it being a very moving farewell, I pulled down the set on top of the A cameraman...I was inspired. I thought, 'This is a really good idea, I'm going with something!...It was Norman's fault...and he started slapping me in the face and I started tearing down the set on Deke and I knocked him out. I shouldn't have ripped down the set and Norman shouldn't have been slapping me!"

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