The Walking Dead Season 10 Reveals More Alpha and Beta Backstory

The Walking Dead Season 10 reveals more secrets behind Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst) when the Whisperers come at the survivors "full force," Hurst teased at San Diego Comic-Con.

"Without giving away too much, we get to sort of investigate a little bit more about Alpha and Beta, and sort of why they became who they are, which was a lot of fun to shoot," Hurst said.

"We just got done, [director Greg Nicotero] and I, doing that just this week, which was a lot of fun. But yeah, I'm just super excited to show fans the Whisperers are really kind of this season coming on full force. So it should be fun."

Showrunner Angela Kang previously divulged she's engaged in talks with Hurst about the secret identity Beta hides beneath his fleshy mask, telling EW in March, "We definitely have very clear, clear ideas of what Beta was doing before the apocalypse and in those early years and things."

Even as TWD peeks under the fleshy mask of Beta, Hurst stressed the disguised enforcer who is ferociously protective of his real face will maintain his mystery.

"I think that that's such a beautiful enigma of what happens to a person after the end of the world when they decide to don the skin mask of a dead human being and keep it on all of the time," Hurst previously told Insider.

"I think it's such a beautiful mystery of who and why does somebody decide to do that? And I think, you only lessen things if you have him take off the mask. So, I think you'll see him in that mask for a greater portion of Beta's time on The Walking Dead."

Hurst then touched on a revelation the star said would be "really wild."

"I can't tell you, and I can't tell you what the event is, but we came to a consensus," Hurst teased.

"I had a really wild idea that I brought to the table, and we had a few meetings about it, and where we landed is somewhere I'm very happy about. But yeah, his backstory is solidified and hopefully we'll start to see little bits of that at some point. But I can't tell you more than that. It's cool. That's all I can say."


The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.