The Walking Dead Star Teases Surprising and Mind-Blowing Season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10 is "mind-blowing," according to Alpha star Samantha Morton, who says showrunner Angela Kang has delivered a surprise-filled followup to the Whisperers' premiere season.

"I'm so excited about what's in store for Season 10. We've got absolutely loads of surprises," Morton teases in a new behind-the-scenes video released as part of TWD's weekly reveals in the lead up to Season 10. "Angela and her team of writers have done an incredible job. I mean, absolutely mind-blowing. I was in tears when I was reading the script. So proud to be part of this show. Shivers, shivers. You're going to love it."

Both Morton and Kang earlier confirmed this next season will deeper examine the Whisperer leader, who separated from daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) in Season 9 before committing a gruesome act of terror against Carol (Melissa McBride) and the survivors when her skin-wearing army abducted and then murdered a slew of victims, including interim Hilltop leader Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Lydia's boyfriend Henry (Matt Lintz).

"In Season 10, I'm most excited for the fans to see Alpha's humanity, and understanding a little bit more about what are the Whisperers, why they behave the way they behave," Morton said during the Season 10 preview episode of Talking Dead. "We've already seen this within the entire show, I think, but how the apocalypse affects some people one way and other people another way, and how primal instincts can take over individuals. And seeing more of that from a female perspective, as well, I think, is quite important. And with Alpha being this female villain, it's interesting to explore."

Kang also teased audiences will learn more about Alpha's relationship with ferociously protective number-two Beta (Ryan Hurst), who is hiding his own secrets beneath the fleshy mask he refuses to remove.


"We'll get to see some interesting stuff about how that relationship between the two of them turned into what it is, so I'm excited for the fans to see that," Kang said on Talking Dead. "[Morton's] just killing it, again, and we get to see her and for all her complications. She's a very complex villain and a very complex person, so we get to dive deeper into that and learn a little bit more about her, the things she's going through, the leadership challenges that she has. And we get to see, really, the ways in which she exerts control over the people that are part of her community. She's just a great, great leader as a villain."

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, October 6 on AMC.