The Walking Dead Season 10B Episode Title Might Spoil Big Casualty in the Whisperer War

Another episode title for The Walking Dead Season 10B has been revealed, and it suggests the half-season will rip a gruesome character death from the pages of creator Robert Kirkman's comic books. The half-season adapts material from Volume 27, The Whisperer War, and Volume 28, A Certain Doom, where the survivors, led by Rick Grimes, form an armed coalition of assembled fighters from the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom communities to wage war with the Whisperers under the command a vengeful Beta. This bloody war is coming to Season 10 of The Walking Dead, as hinted by marketing materials revolving around a battle at the Hilltop, where the allied heroes must band together to defend the community currently led by Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and King Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

Episode 1015, the penultimate episode of the season, is titled "The Tower," according to a program listing on entertainment provider Sky Deutschland. A German-language schedule on Sky previously revealed the preceding episode, 1014, is titled "Look at the Flowers," suggesting that episode will revolve primarily around Carol (Melissa McBride), who has a connection to that phrase.

"The Tower" could borrow from issue #158, the second issue of The Whisperer War, which opened with the horrific death of a character who survived for nearly 100 issues. Spoilers ahead.

Issue #158 opens with Father Gabriel acting as lookout on a water tower, where he's been positioned to spot a walker army. When Gabriel sees the overwhelming number of walkers advancing on Alexandria, he hastily attempts to sound an alarm. In his panic, Gabriel slips from the water tower ladder and snaps his ankle.

He dangles helplessly as Beta — camouflaged within the swarming mass of the undead — steps forward and stabs Gabriel in the gut, freeing his intestines. "You should have whispered," Beta growls, leaving the flesh-eating walkers to devour the helpless Gabriel, now nothing but a husk of chewed out bones.

The Walking Dead 158 Father Gabriel death
(Photo: Image Comics)

Because the television series frequently remixes deaths from the comic books, Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) could be spared the fate of his comic book counterpart. But an ominous teaser released ahead of Season 10 contained imagery that seemed to suggest who might be marked for death in the coming half-season, and those possible clues pointed towards the priest meeting his maker before the end of the season.

Should "The Tower" be Gabriel's death episode, with events playing out as they did in the pages of the comic book, Gilliam would be satisfied with the "worthy" exit.


"I think that's more than a worthy death, man," Gilliam told in 2017. "That's like three deaths in one. I don't know how I would play it. I would definitely lose my voice before the throat was cut but I think that would be the coolest way Father Gabriel could go. He's eaten to the bone! Literally, he's hanging there."

TWD Season 10 returns with new episodes Sunday, Feb. 23 on AMC. For more TWD intel, follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter.