Greg Nicotero Addresses 'The Walking Dead' Showrunner Changes

The shift in behind-the-scenes leadership roles on The Walking Dead marks an exciting time for the [...]

The shift in behind-the-scenes leadership roles on The Walking Dead marks an exciting time for the AMC series according to executive producer.

Following Season Eight, showrunner Scott Gimple will shift to the role of Chief Content Officer with well-known scribe of several episodes Angela Kang stepping into the showrunner role for Season Nine. Speaking to for an interview which will air on Sunday's episode of After the Dead, Nicotero opened up about the shift in roles and how it will affect the show's coming episodes and seasons.

"You know, I don't know if there's any sort of shift in storytelling or any of that kind of stuff," Nicotero said. "Listen, Angela has been with us since Season Two. She's written some unbelievable episodes. You know, I worked with her on the episode where Dale dies. It was one of the first that she had written, and one of the first that I had directed. So, she's got a great sense of story."

Some of Kang's more recent episodes as a writer include Thank You, The Next World, The Same Boat, Sing Me A Song, Rock in the Road, and The Big Scary U. Several of those titles boast dialogue-heavy hours, often countered by the occasional action sequence.

"She knows the character, she knows the actors, she really respects them," Nicotero adds. "We're excited about this. It's a new change, and I think everybody is kind of ready to get back to work. We really want to see where this season is going to go. We're excited about it."

For Gimple, the former showrunner seems to be taking a step back from directly having his hands in the creative moments of The Walking Dead for more of a grand scheme type of role. "Scott has sort of taken this role as the Chief Content Officer, which I think is a fancy title," Nicotero said. "Basically, anything Walking Dead-related from here on in, Scott will have his fingerprints on it. I think it's a good opportunity to preserve the brand, and to keep it vital for years to come. And that's something that's important to us."

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