'The Walking Dead' Rejected A Song From Slash For The Show

The Walking Dead rejected an opening theme song from rock icon Slash.The legendary musician opened [...]

The Walking Dead rejected an opening theme song from rock icon Slash.

The legendary musician opened up in a recent interview with BlabberMouth.net, revealing that he had worked up a theme song for AMC's now-mega hit zombie show. Despite executive producer Greg Nicotero having been known to be a huge Slash fan, the AMC series did not end up using his version of the intro.

"Initially, that song was inspired — believe it or not… I wrote the intro for [AMC zombie drama] The Walking Dead," Slash said. "Because at that time, The Walking Dead didn't really have any other music outside of its score music, and so I was trying to push them to play an original song on there. But they wouldn't go for it. 'Cause it's me, and they don't wanna have any recognizable existing names as part of The Walking Dead world. And so it never happened, but it was always a good musical idea. And I introduced it to Myles to see if would come up with something so we could create a song for The Walking Dead. So he had some melodies and whatnot, but the lyrics became something completely different by the time we recorded it in 2018."

The song was called "The One You Loved Is Gone" and would have been a rare instance of The Walking Dead using songs with lyrics (each instance has proved to be memorable, so far). "And, you know, when I listened back to the recording, I couldn't even believe that I had the balls to send it in — it was just this scratchy, unplugged electric guitar, like, 'Hey! I've got an idea!'" the musician added. "There was no way anybody else would have been able to understand what I was hearing in it. But anyway, it was one of these ideas I stuck with because I thought that musically it was pretty cool. I remember working on it with Myles here and there, and by the time the band started playing it at rehearsals earlier this year, it had evolved into something a little different than what it was initially. Then Myles came up with this great verse and chorus and it shaped up to be a really pretty song."

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