Watch 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x13's Talked About Scene

The Saviors are fighting dirty.Alexandria and the Kingdom assembled at the Hilltop, where the [...]

The Saviors are fighting dirty.

Alexandria and the Kingdom assembled at the Hilltop, where the three communities united to ward off Simon and an invading pack of Saviors.

Though the Hilltop freedom fighters successfully fended off the Saviors, their ploy to infect and turn the rebels with tainted weapons worked: several AHK members, struck by contaminated blades and bolts, later died in their sleep and reanimated, unleashing chaos on an unsuspecting Hilltop.

One was Tobin, Carol's doomed sort-of-lover who was stabbed in the gut during the conflict. Following the attack, Tobin died, turned, and his corpse was later put down by Carol.

The heartbreaking clip, officially released by AMC, is above.

Carol and Tobin shared a tender moment before he died, Tobin joking he would have gotten stabbed a lot earlier if he knew it would get her attention. They parted on bad terms — she sneaked out in the middle of the night in 6x15, leaving just a note behind — and asked if she was going to leave again once this was all over, she admitted she didn't know.

Still, actress Melissa McBride says, Carol is still closest to Daryl.

"They have this long relationship. They've been through so much together. They were there from the beginning," McBride told "They just kind of get each other in a way that is different from the other characters."

Now that Rick and co. are aware the Saviors are engaging in biological warfare, the ongoing war just got a hell of a lot more dangerous.

Next Sunday's episode, "Still Gotta Mean Something," sees Rick and Morgan hunting Saviors while Daryl and Rosita head out to the bullet making factory on a mission to "take out" the man supplying the Saviors with bullets: Eugene.

As revealed by an extended sneak peek look at 8x14, the Hilltop is dangerously low on ammo and they won't be able to fend off another attack of that size should the Saviors come back for round two.

With just three episodes left this season, 8x14 looks to further plant the seeds of Morgan's jump over to season 4 of spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, airing immediately after The Walking Dead season 8 finale on April 15.

The Walking Dead 8x14, "Still Gotta Mean Something," airs Sunday, April 1 at 9/8c on AMC.