The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Nominated For Critics' Choice Award

Having Negan on The Walking Dead has certainly done a lot for the show. His energy has boosted the [...]

Having Negan on The Walking Dead has certainly done a lot for the show. His energy has boosted the other characters on screen, his storyline is a hit with comic fans, and his one-of-a-kind villainy has rocked the entire Walking Dead community.

While a lot of credit can be given to the character, none of this would have been possible without the talents of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It looks like the TV critics have also seen how much JDM brings to the table, as he's been nominated for a Critics' Choice Award for his take on Negan.

Congratulate Jeffrey Dean Morgan on his #CriticsChoice nomination for Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series! #TWD

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It may seem weird that his nomination came for 'Best Guest Appearance', seeing as he's now one of the show's stars. However, the nomination came regarding his role in the Season Six finale.

As you probably recall, Negan appeared in the last ten minutes of season six, and the show ended with an enormous cliffhanger. Since he was only featured in a few minutes out of the whole season, it was considered a guest appearance.

Now that Morgan is a series regular, he'll hopefully get nominated for a bigger award in the future. There's no doubt he's deserving. This may be JDM's first award as Negan, but the guy has been acting for quite a while.

The actor is seasoned in both film and television, having been praised for a multitude of performances. Many TV fans remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the lovable cancer patient Denny, on Grey's Anatomy, or as the star of the short-lived Starz drama, Magic City. He's also had important roles on Supernatural and The Good Wife.

Film fans have seen Morgan in The Watchmen, P.S. I Love you, and The Losers.


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