The Walking Dead Stars Tease Season 10 Finale Finally Airing Tonight

At long last, the season finale for The Walking Dead is upon us. One day short of a full six months after the last episode of Season 10 aired due to coronavirus-related delays, AMC has finished post-production on the latest season and will debut its final episode. As such, The Walking Dead stars Norman Reedus and Ross Marquand have teased a massive finale in store on their social media accounts throughout the day on Sunday. Marquand posted a clip of his character Aaron, leading his cohorts into battle during the finale.

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Mood going into tonight's season finale... 🧟‍♂️⚔️🧟⚔️🧟‍♂️ #TWD #TWDFAMILY #S10

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Reedus took a much more refrained approach, simply tweet out one line: "Walking dead finale finally tonight," he said.

Late last month, AMC confirmed the show would receive a double-sized Season 11, set to broadcast over two calendar years. The network then confirmed Season 11 would be the last for the show and lead to a third spinoff featuring Darryl (Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

"The next chapter with Daryl and Carol will be of a great deal about discovery," reads a statement from Gimple aired on the Walking Dead Universe Preview Special. "A new world, a new tone, a new frontier of story and purpose — all while carrying the lessons learned from the people who have made up their apocalypse family, their hard-won victories, and painful losses."

"Rest assured, we will be throwing a hell of a lot at them to make them uncomfortable," Gimple added. "But there is an incredible 30 episodes ahead of heroism and horror that completely re-contextualize the world of the Walking Dead and set the stage for all that's to come. With Daryl, Carol, and the stories alongside theirs — hopefully with a lot of the faces you're seeing on the screen right now. There's a universal story ahead. The Walking Dead lives."